Body Organic™ Lavender Body Mist is made from Lavender flowers and is a therapeutic grade which helps ease the mind and body from stress and tension while enjoying the freshest floral aroma for the full body and mind experience. We don't use a blend of essential oil in our lavender scent. Instead it is straight lavender. This makes a big difference because our consumers notice that our scent smells floral. Honestly, we don't know why other companies make blends. Lavender smells great alone. It doesn't need to be mixed with other floral scents. So, you will find that our lavender is the real deal. Why alter something that already smells great, right. All of our body mist are a great alternative to deodorant or perfume. You would be surprised to know that many  leave it in their restroom and spray as a air freshener around the home, office and car.

Fruit Scented Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Lavender Extract.

BODY ORGANIC Lavender Body Mist 8oz

    Lily Pond