Body Organic™ Berry Pomegranate Body Lotion goes on silky smooth and Leaving your skin feeling powdery soft.  Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Non irritating formula nourishes and protects the skin with its multi vitamins and minerals found naturally in our ingredients. High in vitamins A, B,C,D, E & F. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help maintain healthy vibrant skin. The many benefits of Pomegranate mixed with the perfect blend of oils will help your skins appearance. This sweetest of sweet scented lotion will make you feel sweet and refreshing all day long. Nothing can compare to the antioxidant benefits as well as the sweet aroma pomegranate naturally gives. Enjoy the sweet and sour fruity scent of ripe berries and pomegranates, you will catch yourself sniffing your body all day long to enjoy this beautiful fruity scent. Also enriched with Argan Oil, Natures greatest anti aging oil helps keep skin appearing youthful and healthy all over. 

BODY ORGANIC Berry Pomegranate Lotion 9oz