We think the best way to manage Irritated skin is to

1. Clean the affected area. (We suggest our Facial, hand or baby Soaps because we have no chemicals to cause further irritation to the affected area.) You probably shouldn't use soaps that would cause further irritation, right?

2. Remove the dry and flaky skin. ( We suggest our Dead Sea Salt for this removal. It will exfoliate the area well and by removing the flaky skin , this will help the Moisturizer to penetrate the new skin under the flaky skin. 

3.  Moisturize the affected area. ( We suggest our BABY ORGANIC Relief Cream or Our Shya Monet Multi Vitamin Moisturizer to do the JOB! These items are so moisturizing that your skin will feel oily. Which is great for the Eczema. But, don't worry after 60 seconds from application the oily feeling will go away because the moisturizer will absorb into the skin. Apply this product as often as needed to avoid itching and scratching.) 


Now Learn about why we think these are the BEST Ingredients for Gives Relief of:
diaper rash, cradle cap, irritated skin, insect bites, burns, scarring, stretch mark, acne scars, severe dry skin, peeling skin, Eczema, Psoriasis

Made with a high content of Shea Butter which is rich in vitamin E and helps in healing and repairing damaged skin. Sesame Oil is a natural anti bacterial and anti inflammatory agent which gives relief from swelling and pain as well as protecting from infection. Organic Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins A, D & E which protects and nourishes the skin while feeding it an organic cocktail of vitamins to increase healing time. It helps stimulate skin cell growth to quickly repair damaged skin. This products is unscented.(NO ZINC OXIDE)

Baby Organic Relief Cream-No Zinc Oxide 3oz.


    Baby Organic Shea Butter Relief Cream 3 oz is a very effective cream that is a MUST if your babies needs.You can apply this cream on any part of the body. Use it on the face, hands, feet or diaper area. Its healthy ingredients are a great alternative for natural skin health.

    This Product Does Not Contain: No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Sulfates, No GMO's, No DEA, No Petroleum, No Gluten, No Synthetic Fragrance, No Preservatives and No Nuts. This product IS VEGAN

    Ingredients: Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower oil, Unrefined Sesame Oil, Unrefined Olive Oil, Unrefined Avocado Oil. Organic Argan Oil, Unrefined Safflower Oil


    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    Natural Minerals
    Organic Food Grade Ingredients
    Cruelty Free

    This product is unscented. (NO ZINC OXIDE) Zinc Oxide has been found to be a skin irritant, it does not make sense to us to add an irritating ingredient to fight irritated skin, we have found organic ingredients to give relief and repair irritations.

    DIRECTIONS: Upon opening, remove foil seal. Puncture the product, once punctured the cream will come out smoothly. If you do not puncture the cream will not come out. Apply to effected area as fo
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