Sensitive to Synthetic Fragrances? Well, finally a brand who solved this problem.

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

What makes Natures Paradise products so unique?

   One difference that make us stand out from the rest is our scents. True to the scent and cold pressed from organic fruits and flowers. Vanilla Sugar, Pina Colada, Citrus, Creamy Coconut, Berry Pomegranate and Lavender. You will fall in love with our scents.Other healthy alternative brands offer essential oils as their scent. But, this can hurt those who are sensitive or pregnant. Many pregnant moms have a sensitive nose. Doctors tell some patients to stay away from stong scents or essential oils. For many essential oils cause migraines or headaches. If your loved one is coping with a chronic illness they could be sensitive. We have testimonials from customers who can't believe that they can tolerate our scents. They say it has been years since they could use scented products on themselves or their loved ones. When you use our products it's like opening up a fresh coconut and sending your mind wondering in a tropical paradise vacation. As well as our Pina Colada which will send your imagination resting on a white sand beach overlooking a crystal clear beach with a pina colada in hand. Our Berry Pomegranate is so sweet and yummy smelling.

   Many other organic brands stick to essential oils and herbs for scents, however we believe just because you want to live organically doesn't mean you need to always walk around smelling like an herb garden! Bath and Body Works is known for their fruity sweet scents but we know they are loaded with toxic chemicals. They use synthetic fragrance for their scents. Synthetic is another word for "fake". We know people want to enjoy the fruity scents of the world without the fear of chemicals and synthetics. So that's what we have done, choosing from the most popular scents we have derived the fresh fruity scents from organic fruits so you can feel safe knowing your not loaded with chemicals but still have that fresh fruity scent. Enjoy the difference, you can be an herbalist without having to smell like one all of the time. Enjoy organic scents that will ease your mind and let your imagination take over. Choose from vanilla, pina colada, coconut, citrus and berry pomegranate. Using real fruit flavors is why our products cost so much. It's not cheap using the real stuff to make products smell yummy and delicious!

You might be allergic and senstive to Synthetic Fragrances and Perfumes but not to our Fruity Scents. Learn Why?

You already know about how great fresh fruit is for your health and taste! But what about the difference between synthetic aromas and fresh fruity aromas. Synthetic is another word for FAKE. It's a mixed cocktail full of chemicals. Our scents come straight from the fruit source. You will be intoxicated by the fruity scents that smell yummy & delicious. Please, I urge you not to use synthetic ever again. You can shop around but, no one really offers fruit scents like us. Many other brands offer essential oil scents. This is what makes us different!!

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