Is Johnson and Johnson Banned in Parts of India?

In many news outlets they are talking about the ban of Johnson and Johnson due to ample tests of Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo and talcum powder from authorities in five zones of the country - Andhra Pradesh in the south, Jharkhand in the east, Rajasthan in the west, Madhya Pradesh in central India, and Assam in the north east. These tests were ordered after reports indicated the presence of possible asbestos and other carcinogenic substance in the products.

The order to stop the sale was issued based on the test reports of the baby shampoo samples came in from Rajasthan. Samples from the remaining four states are still undergoing lab tests. The NCPCR has asked Rajasthan to furnish the test reports for talcum powder samples at the earliest.

(CNN) quotes, "Keeping up with the furor that has followed Johnson & Johnson, India's drug regulators have been collecting new test samples of baby powder.

The company has been facing allegations of asbestos contamination in its talcum powder. "

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