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       Chemical Free         Paraben Free         Sulfate FREE        Non Toxic         Vegan       Biodegradable


organic shampoo
organic shampoo

organic shampoo
organic shampoo



I've tried your adult moisturizing shampoo and all I can say is WOW! My scalp doesn't itch like when I use Aubrey's Organics. I just love, love, love this shampoo. Please don't stop making this. It's more expensive than the other organic shampoos, but I'll pay it if it's this good. Thank you so much.




 Clean and effective chemical free Shampoo and Conditioner. Take care of your hair with natures finest ingredients and start your detox from all those traditional chemical based shampoo's. Notice the difference. Rich lather without chemicals, clean soft hair nourished from organically derived vitamins. You will be shocked at how fast you will be going through the detox period. Immediately after switching to this extremely healthy shampoo, you will notice that your hair may feel waxy after use. This waxy feeling is the detox. It's not the shampoo doing this. The detox will last about 2 weeks. After this you will find how amazing it feels to be detoxed and chemical free.  These formulas are especially great for sensitive skin types.

Hi! I wanted to send you a follow-up that I absolutely LOVE your detangler!! The smell is lovely, and it works well , it is great for extra moisture and especially for detangling before I comb my hair. And, I got a huge compliment from my mom on the scent of my hair. Anyway, I love the detangler; thank-you for making it as well as so many other products that are healthy for us and more importantly healthy for the earth and its future inhabitants..



my hair feels incredible after shampooing with the thickening shampoo, it soaks into hair while in shower and almost nothing to rinse. I loved how my hair really is thicker,and not only that it is actually wavy, not pin straight. It reminds me of how thick my hair was right after the birth of my daughter due to all the hormones, well at 45 I can have long shiny hair again that is thick. I regularly henna once a month and this is gentle with my hennaed hair. I think I will love the products for my kids and that they will love the smells.I don't even need conditioner with your awesome shampoo. I feel i could use it on my kids, but they can have their own, i like my thickening to myself( :)



I have searched the internet and health food stores for months looking for a good certified organic shampoo. I am so happy to have found your company online. I tried the Organic Pro Thickening Shampoo and I just LOVE it! It lathered great, which was unexpected, my hair feels great! It looks clean and thicker than normal! I am very happy and am so glad to be able to stop searching for a shampoo, because I finally found a great one, thank you!                                                 Ruth



I love your new shampoo. I use the moisturizing shampoo for myself and it makes my hair feel so soft and silky. I love it. I am picky about my shampoo but you passed. My husband loves the Thickening Shampoo, since his hair is thinning he says it does make it appear thicker. Thank you for making a safe shampoo it is really difficult to find                           Jennifer


I am black and have an Afro. The relaxing shampoo and organic pro detangler worked wonders for my hair! My hair felt so clean and soft and I didn't feel the need to add any other products to moisturize my hair. I HIGHLY recommend these items.




I have thick, curly hair that gets very frizzy in the humidity. I also moved to the city and the chlorine in the water makes my hair feel like it has tons of styling products in it. I ordered the relaxing shampoo and it's my favorite shampoo ever! I can't stop touching my hair. It is sooo soft! It's never felt this good! Thank you so much for such a great product! Also, my hair is naturally blonde, but it gets darker in the winter and since using this shampoo my hair has become very blonde! I love love love it!




Read this Testimonial -Okay, So I tried the Natures Paradise OrganicPro Shampoo.Yes, at first my hair went through a detox just as all the reviews I read online said it would. My hair felt waxy or oily after the first use. I was worried it was going to stay that way. I also felt that it was the shampoo that was the problem. But I called you guys at Natures Paradise and you told me this is normal for at least the 1st week. I listened to you guys stuck to the product. I must say now my hair is great. It's crazy that our hair goes through a detox. It makes me ill when I think that the chemicals I used before was the cause for this. Now that I'm detoxed, my hair looks healthier then ever before. I hope to stay this way!! Thank You Natures Paradise for helping me through this.



PLEASE NOTE: When we use conventional chemical shampoo for many years our hair builds up layers of chemicals and our scalp is full of them. When switching to our organic shampoo, you will go through a period of DETOX. Your hair may feel heavy, waxy, oily or dry. This is not the shampoo, this is the detox of your hair and scalp trying to get rid of the chemicals. It usually takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to detox, depending on the levels of chemicals.This detox phase can be hard to deal with, but please stick with it and you will be glad you did when you see how radiant shiny, soft and beautiful your hair can be when it is organically cleaned.




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