weightloss tea
weightloss tea

thin tonic tea
thin tonic tea

weightloss tea
weightloss tea


Healthy weight loss for women

We encourage women to live healthy and be fit naturally, jump start and maintain your healthy lifestyle with THINTonic™ Tea made by women for women.


Women need different support for effective weight loss. Each ingredient was chosen for women's specific needs to lose weight. With the addition of just a couple cups of THINTonic™ Tea to your daily diet and routine will jumpstart the new you and get you ready for that Beach Body you have always dreamed of.



Experience these Benefits :

  • Burn 30% More Fat

  • Suppress Appetite

  • Boost Metabolism

  • Increase Energy

  • Lose Inches

  • Remove Toxins


  • Reduce Cortisol

  • Control Cravings

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion

  • Reveal Muscle Definition

  • Balance Mood

We invite you to have a cup of tea to Healthy Living and being fit!


ThinTonic Detox Tea is a  blend of natural herbs and fruits that have been proven to aid in weight loss specifically for women and overall positive health impact. Read our Ingredients page to find out more about our tonic blend. Eliminate the toxins in your body that are holding on to fat, control your cravings and supPress your appetite naturally. THINTonic™ Tea blend is made fresh upon order and packaged as loose tea. Since each individual may like their tea stronger or weaker than others, we leave it to you to decide the dosage and strength. We recommend you purchase a tea mesh or reusable tea bags for on the go tea. You simply steep the tea in hot water for a few minutes then make a cup of tea. We recommend one to three cups daily depending on your preference and tolerance of tea and caffeine. You may drink it hot or cold and add your own sweet flavoring or aroma by adding fruit or flower buds.


After the first drink you will notice you do not feel as hungry as you normally do due to the natural appetite suppressants and fiber that makes you feel full. You will also realize you have more energy. This should last for several hours depending on the strength, dose and individual. If you begin feeling hungry again after a few hours, brew another cup. You will notice a difference in how your clothes fit by the end of the first week. Others will notice your weight loss after the second week and you will need to shop for new clothes by the third week. 


You can lose weight doing nothing but adding THINTonic™ Tea to your regular routine. But like we say there is skinny and there is lean and fit. We recommend healthy lifestyles and lean fit bodies. Which means for ultimate results for that toned tight body you will need a lifestyle change of healthy eating and regular exercise. But if you like the skinny look, then by all means drink up and do nothing. THINTonic™ will give you the boost to any weight loss goal you may have.

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