Safe Baby Skincare Line
Safe Baby Skincare Line

Babies skin is soft, delicate and thin. So, make sure you put healthy safe products on your precious baby.

Chemical Free Baby Skincare Line
Chemical Free Baby Skincare Line

Adorable baby skincare packaging with healthy and safe food grade ingredients.

Safe Baby Skincare Line
Safe Baby Skincare Line

Babies skin is soft, delicate and thin. So, make sure you put healthy safe products on your precious baby.


   Chemical Free         Paraben Free         Sulfate FREE        Nut FREE         Vegan       Biodegradable


Baby Organic Line is a high quality, luxurious, healthy and effective line of skin care for baby's. Made with only raw, organic and natural ingredients that are food grade and completley safe for every day use, gently caring for the the delicate skin of even the most sensitive skin types for our precious babies.This line is designed to help give relief from cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash, itching, dry, scaling, cracked and flaky skin conditions. 


Our healthy, high quality and expensive ingredients will provide only the best natural care for your baby. We are proud to use food grade ingredients because we believe what you put on the body is just as important as what you put in the body.

My favorite product has to be the Baby Organic Moisturizing Lotion in Coconut! For the first year of my daughter's life we tried all sorts of lotions and they all irritated her skin. This is the only thing I'll use on her now and she's almost 4! I also use it on myself because it smells amazing and I take comfort in knowing it is free of harsh ingredients.




I bought the baby gift set for my baby nephew. My whole family was really impressed with my gift and how safe everything was. I appreciated how I didn't need to go to diffent brands to find a safe shampoo, powder, oil, lotion, and diaper cream. It was conveniently nice to go to one brand, one company and purchase everything with confidence and assurance. Without any stress of "Is what I purchased safe, for my little nephew?"



The packaging is not just adorable but the ingredients are amazingly safe. I love the foaming shampoo. So easy to use. I love how effective the lotion and relief cream was on my babies skin. The only negative I can thnk of is the cost. But I got it all on sale! Thanks Natures Paradise Organic



Just a note to tell you I LOVE your Coconut Products, I get the Baby Line for my son which smells amazing and feels so good, the Body Organic Coconut Line for me I have never smelt so good while nourishing my skin. I am addicted to these products and love that they are organic and gluten free. Thanks so much  



I cant believe how wonderful your Baby Organic products are. My son has never looked so healthy and had such soft normal skin. My son has had eczema his whole life, he is now 18 months. We have tried everything, even prescriptions for his severe eczema. I heard of your products on a blog and though I would give it a try. I cant believe in just 4 days how much his skin improved. By the second week his eczema was gone! I used your conditioning Shampoo & Body Wash, the moisturizing Lotion and the Oil before bed time. For his severe areas I applied the Shea Butter Diaper Cream. The whole set is amazing. I wish I would have taken before pictures to show you the transformation. Thank You, Thank YOU, we appreciate you taking the time to develop such wonderful products. My son Thanks you for his itching skin days are now over. Thank you, I cant even express my gratitude.



I love all your baby products, but your Diaper Cream is the best. My son would cry after baths and no products were working for his dry skin and rashes that were on his stomach, arms, and behind his ears. I found your products online and took a chance. The diaper cream worked within hours on his rashes and behind his ears. Later we found that he has suboria or eczema but he is only four months and is too young for treatment of steriods. But since we have been using all your baby products we have fun bath times again and no uncontrollable rashes. Thank you for a happy baby.



I have just recently started using some your Baby Organic Products. The one thing that I was really worried about working is the diaper cream. My baby's bottom has never been happier, really. I am so pleased that there is no zinc oxide and no fragrance at all. I liked it so much I could use it on my hands and face. Any time my baby boy has a little red, I apply the baby organic diaper cream and it is dramatically better at the next diaper change! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Someting completely safe and effective. The baby organic 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash is also great. For a while I thought my toddler had course hair but I now know that he doesn't. Since we have switched, his hair has been silky soft. WOW! Plus, our baby loves the way it lathers with foam.The baby lotion is Amazing! I even use it on my legs after I shave them. We all are in love the coconut scent. The baby organic moisturizing lotion really helps sooth and clear up the little bit of eczema that my toddler occasionally gets on his chin and around his mouth. Dry skin? Forget about it. This lotion is just so great.Thank you so much Natures Paradise.


Lily Pond