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What is an Affiliate Program? How does it Work?


This is how an affiliate program works. You sign up with shareasale, we supply them with banners or buttons. You place the buttons where your fans, followers see it, everytime they click the banner/button it will take them to this website, where they will order healthy safe skincare products. Shareasale does the transaction, they make sure you get your 20% commision and they make sure we ship out the products to the customers that ordered products. Its that simple. Shareasale has been in business for 15 years. We have been working with them for 1 year. We noticed that many bloggers trust them, in turn we signed up with them.  


How do I get my followers / readers to order through you, so I can earn some money?


Here is what we have learned. We find that many moms are looking for safe babycare. They are always educating themselves with the latest news and research concerning their precious little babies. We also have found that there is a lot of research and news about harmful chemicals, dangers in babycare products. But, although there is a lot of research and news, there is not a lot of solutions within the same articles. So, if you combine the research within your blog or social media and end your article with a solution to the problem. Bam, they are more likely to purchase the solution that your are offering. In this case, its purchasing healthy skincare from Natures Paradise that doesn't have the parabens in the formula,(for example.) 

We also suggest you to do with with the Shya Monet Line of Products, The price point is high and its safe for pregnant moms. So, this time educate pregnant moms as to why they should not use chemicals or strong fragrances on their face and again offer a solution, this time Natures Paradise Shya Monet Facial Products, and again most likely the reader will purchase, because they will realize that you are offering good and wise advise.  



We are offering you, a very generous sales commission of 20% for all sale leads. Giving up to 90 cookies to capture the sale, which means if your lead does not make a purchase their first visit, we will track them for 90 days and if they make a purchase during those 90 days you will get the commission.


We are very supportive to our affiliates and offer an array of banners and for reviewers that qualify we offer giveaways for your readers and discount codes to increase the likeliness of a sale. We work together with our affiliates to increase each other's potential as a team.


  • 20% Commission on sales leads

  • Average Sale $50

  • 90 Day Cookies to capture sale

  • 10 cents per Newsletter Subscription offer

  • Array of banners for all lines

  • Free Giveaways for reviews (must qualify with minimum followers and related content)

  • Discount Codes for your readers/consumers (must qualify with minimum followers and related content




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Lily Pond